Our flexible Profile manager let you manage and control Listing information, Content, GEO locations, Amenities, Distances, Pricing and Availability.

Profile management

Profiles allow you to create one or more objects depending on the type of account you have. The different sections are shown below. When creating a Profile for sale, long term or holiday rental, you determine which information you want to enter. Here we try to give you an impression of the enormous amount of possibilities that Estatefy offers you when creating a Profile. With the Status in a Profile you can determine for which part the profile is visible. Please note that the long and short term rental tabs are only visible if they are activated in the main settings. After the correct tabs are activated, you will find all the data entered on the profile page on the website. Allows you to enter basic information.


Many sellers and lessors prefer a printed version of the online profile. The 'Print' button allows you to make a print of the profile. You have the choice to print the profile in A4 or A3. It goes without saying that you can only print what you have previously entered in the profile section. The more information you enter in the profile, the better your printed version will be displayed. It can be used by sales managers or for window advertising.


It is important to note that Estatefy is designed for use by homeowners, professional real estate agencies and larger real estate companies with multiple locations and organizations. We also build tailor-made systems for larger rental organizations and holiday parks. Profiles show different sections such as:


Here you will find the newly created profiles. When these profiles are created by different users, the administrator may prefer to put the profiles online after verification.

My profile

These are the profiles connected to you as a user if you work with multiple users. These profiles are created by your organization or under your control. Please consult the owner's section if you miss any information and before contacting the owner. This, of course, depends on the agreements within an organization.

All profiles

Within a profile, you can authorize others to have access to the profile. The rights settings within an account determine who is and is not authorized to view or change data from a profile. The sales manager and sales assistant are linked to a profile in order to create a clear position for the person responsible within the office and outside or assisting the property.

Profiles created by the owner

Here you can find the profiles created by owners via your website, provided that you have used this function and activated it on your website. In some situations, such as holiday parks, you will enter the accommodations yourself and do not allow owners to enter accommodations themselves, in this case you can keep the function offline.

Profile manager

The profile manager gives you the option to quickly set the score of each profile. If you want extra attention for the profile, you can set the profile at the top ranking within your website. With the profile manager you have control over this data. You can quickly update data for multiple profiles at one time. To give you an impression we give you a brief explanation of all options.

Profile sections

Information for setting up a profile consisting of various components, namely: Where the general information is entered.


Amenities divided into interior and exterior. An environment with all important matters that can be added to the profile.


Here you can indicate the distances to the most important places.


The section images, you can upload the photos of the relevant object. You have the option to sort the photos with drag and drop after uploading.


Here you can enter the description of the object. Estatefy offers the possibility to make a separate description for long-term rental, holiday rental and for sale. This also applies to the facilities, so that the descriptions and facilities of an object for sale or for rent can be distinguished. If the property is only offered for sale, for example, you can leave the other spaces for description blank.

Sales price

The prices tab consists of different sections and options. In case of a sale item, you can enter the sale price as a standard price. You can also enter a “from and to” price if this is applicable. It is also possible if the object is reduced in price, to enter an old and new price. The website will show the new price and the old price crossed out. You can set price per unit for new constructions and project developments with multiple units.

Holiday rental prices

Here you have a large number of options. You can enter the starting price as the minimum price for which the object is rented out. You can also enter the rental license here, a number that is displayed on the site and is currently required in several countries. If the 'Booking request' check box is checked, the house cannot be booked online, but only on request. You have the option to enter different rental settings, such as a discount on the rental price, the down payment percentage, the default margin used on the booking or the number of days to pay for the full booking before arrival. You have the flexibility to use the different options depending on your business model. With the standard rental prices you indicate on which basis the system will count and the seasonal prices do not apply. In the section seasonal prices you can indicate which conditions apply from the date “from / to”. For example, you can rent out accommodations per day out of season, but only per week in high season. Estatefy gives you complete freedom and gives you all the options to organize the rental exactly as the landlord wishes. With discounts, last minutes and all forms and options imaginable. Estatefy gives you all the options for entering this clearly. The customer sees exactly what you entered when booking online on the website. You can enter as many dates as you want. You can also copy old seasonal prices to a new year so that you do not have to enter everything again. Naturally, this data will also be forwarded to all advertising portals that you use via Estatefy.


Availability is an important part of adding an object. It goes without saying that Estatefy updates the availability in the calendar when a booking is received. You have the option to block or release booking periods. Estatefy is very flexible in all forms of prices and availability. This gives the system manager the freedom to set up the business model according to his own ideas. He can block or make periods available and enter the correct prices and discounts exactly as he wants.

Rental extras

When renting out we often speak of special surcharges. Firstly, the deposit, which an owner receives as security for the object and to whom the deposit must be paid. Cleaning costs are pets allowed and any additional costs. Linen and towel packages that are included or can be rented with the corresponding prices. And whether tourist tax is included. Surcharges such as electricity, heating, water, pool heating, etc. are rules that you specify in Estatefy so that the tenant knows exactly what he has to pay and whether this is included in the rent. This gives you full control over the financial layout. For holiday parks and BandB accommodations we also offer a cleaning module that can show whether the property is available for check-in.