The Estatefy marketing component consists of 2 main sections. Namely the mass mailing system with integrations to mail providers such as Sendinblue and Sparkpost and the survey section where a survey can be set up to ask customers specific information about their findings and reviews


Estatefy campaigns give the user the possibility to build a mailing template using building blocks entirely according to your wishes. The template is directly connected to profiles that are available for renting and selling. Once you have the template ready you can run a test mail.

Settings campaigns

Before you can mail, you must link a mail provider in general settings. We advise you to use sendinblue or Sparkpost. These providers have a complete integration with Estatefy. Once you have entered the link (API key) and created a template, the mail system is operational.

Select profiles

Now you can link profiles to the email template by searching for the profiles ID number and ticking the checkbox. Now you have an email template with the profiles. As soon as you have linked the correct profiles you have a complete mailing template.

Mailing list

When the mailing template is ready you create a mailing list. This is a selected target group to which you want to send the email. In the CRM (Contacts) you have a tab where you can link the mailing codes to a contact. As soon as the mailing code has been created and the contact has been selected for this mailing code, it will appear on the relevant mailing list. Now you can link the mailing template to the mailing list. You can go through the campaigns where you have the option to select a campaign and send emails to the mailing list of the desired target group.