Customer Relationship Management

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system consists of a full-fledged Contact Management System. You can create and manage companies and institutions via the Organization menu. The Contact System consists of all your contacts and are divided into different groups by means of tags. These tags and groups allow you to add contacts to different mailing lists (Marketing component). CRM work-flow included the following components:


A list of all your contacts.


A list of contacts that you have marked to follow. This will help you track contacts that you would like to give special attention to.


The last step is the requests you receive from customers (leads). This can be direct requests from your website, integrated with estatefy, or an externally received request via an advertisement portal (XML channel manager). It can also be requests from other channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media channels and search engines. Surveys give you the opportunity to respond promptly and adequately to requests. You can assign these requests within your team to the appropriate department or person. You can follow all enquiries per manager and department in your Enquiry dashboard. It is especially useful that you as a manager get a complete insight into your received requests and can link them to closing reservations per manager.


These are the criteria that are necessary to provide the right service and to handle leads better. Here you can follow the search for a specific accommodation, price, budget and other matters to quickly create a correct and efficient offer. The criteria is actually to get a clear picture of all the wishes of your lead contacts and to be able to serve them well.


This section consists of offers made and primarily used in purchase, and offers between the buyer and seller. This feature allows you to track the trajectory between a seller's offer and the buyer's offer. If an agreement is reached, there is a closing


The word already indicates, as soon as there is an agreement between a buyer and seller or someone proceeds to rent accommodation, then there is talk of closing a deal. These closings can be broken down into financial data.